Real Name: Atlacamani
Age: Unknown, rumoured to be in excess of 5 million years.
Notable Aliases: Atlacamani
Race: Xian
Birth Location: Xia
Planet Xia
Affiliation: Xian
Alignment: Neutral
First Appearance:  ??
"Temp Filler"
- Atlacamani


History Edit

Personality Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Upon inhabiting a host, Atlacamani endows them with her vast power, taking the form of Dominion over Storms.

Storm DominionEdit

Hurricane - Calling forth a torrent of power, Atlacamani can call forth a devastating hurricane upon her foes.

Relámpago - By calling forth a localized lightning storm, Atlacamani may strike her opponents repeatedly with bolts of lightning.

Zephyr - Atlacamani calls forth a 'light' wind to carry herself and/or allies along its path, or may call forth a heavier wind in order to instill her wrath upon her foes.

Relationships Edit

Atlacamani has a very close relationship with her vessel, Valencia, surpassing the expected bond between Xian and their Vessels.