Colonel Watson James Hewitt
Notable Aliases: Watson
Affiliation: Anti Hero Force Four
Alignment: Evil
First Appearance:  ??

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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Smoke ManipulationEdit

Col. Watson has a lot of black smoke inside him and is able to use it defensively or offensively

Burning Ash

Col. Watson calls up the smoke within to exhale a ball of hot smoke to a radius in front of him

Smoke Clone

Col. Watson puffs out the smoke and transforms it into a smoky shadow which can be used as a dirversion or to blind the enemy when they attack it.

Tainted Skies

Col. Watson breathes the black smoke into the clouds and summons a downpour of black rain and burning ash particles.


Watson continuously breathes out puffs of smoke until there is a massive fog, Enemies in the vicinity can experience horrific visions and hallucinations. This attack takes a while to summon.

Master TacticianEdit

Col. Watson is a highly trained tactician, able to think many steps ahead of his opponents at any time. He analyses his opponents traits, both their positive and negative aspects, and uses them to his advantage, carefully outmaneuvering his opponents until victory is gained.