Dmitri Rosenbaum
Notable Aliases: Ghost Face
Affiliation: Anti Hero Force Four
Alignment: Evil
First Appearance:  ??
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Ghost Face was abused from an early age by both his mother and his peers, they both physically and verbally harassed him due to his "delusions" relating to being able to see the souls of others. Seeing the world in nothing but black and white, and seeing those who had abused him, and the general populace, as being darker he decided that they must be wrong and so turned to a life of crime. Using his abilities as Ghost Face he acquired a job as a highly paid assassin before joining the Anti Hero Force Four.



Ghost Face is a highly eccentric person who can be considered as highly delusional. This is commonly seen as irritating by the other, more calm members of Anti Hero Force Four.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Soul ManipulationEdit

Soul Control Ghost face has the ability to control the actions of those who have what he refers to as "Weak Souls". A Weak Soul is seen as one that is in turmoil, Ghost Face claims that less than 1% of the worlds population can be seen as individuals who possess a Strong Soul.
When under Ghost Face's control, all actions of the person can be controlled by Ghost Face. Ghost Face is able to control a large number of people simultaneously, able to retrieve information from those he controls them, and empower them with common abilities such as Super Strength and Enhanced Endurance.
Soul Vision - Ghost Face is able to see into the souls of those who are both living and deceased. He is also able to communicate directly with the souls that he sees, often causing him to seemingly speak to nobody.
Ghost Face also gauges the strength of souls, he sees them in black and white, those who are closer to black are considered to be much weaker souls whereas those who are white are much stronger souls.
Ghost Face is unable to turn this ability off, and so sees the entire world in black and white.
Soul Empowerment- Ghost Face is able to not only empower those that he controls with powers, such as Super Strength, Enhanced Endurance and Super Speed, but he can also empower himself with the souls of others causing his power to grow proportional to that of the souls he absorbs. Numerous weak souls will have little growth to his power, but stronger souls will result in a much higher strength.

Elite SniperEdit

Ghost Face is considered to be one of the worlds greatest Snipers, able to shoot targets from distances and angles many would consider impossible. His skill with a sniper is so advanced that it is said if you are targeted by him it is impossible to consider living.