Planet DescriptionEdit

The planet Hitu is a medium sized, blue and green planet with an atmosphere simular to that of earth, orbiting the planet are three, small sized, natural moons.

The planets most advanced species, the Hituvians, have tried to live there in harmony with the planet as much as possible, for every tree cut down 2 are planted, for meat they rather hunt over keeping animals in small cages. This has lead in the creation of just 1 city and a few villages, the city is covered in plant life, you will find plants hanging from the tallest of the buildings giving it a majestic sight to see. The villages remain in their traditional forms as much as possible.


Hituvians are a species that look humenoid with only slight differences compared to humans. The biggest differences within the species comes from the seperation of the 3 tribes, the first tribe of Hituvians has split into 3, each going into a different direction, one tribe went to the plains, another into the wild forests and the third went to the seas. Over the centuries each of these tribes developed differently and gained skills needed to survive in their enviroments.

The plains Hituvians are excelent runners, they developed this way to hunt their preys over the vast plains, some say there were a few known to be able to speak to the animals and understand them but these are only rumors.

The forest hituvians are excelent jumpers, they built their village in the trees to stay away from the larger predators on the ground, to move around quickly they found that moving through the trees was the best way, jumping from branch to branch.

The water Hituvians lived on the sea, a dangerous place but they learned to live off the sea and whatever she brings them, to survive they evolved into strong swimmers, capable of staying underwater longer as any other.

After several milenia the younger generations had the urge to discover the planet, as if the stars told them all the tribes had several young men and women move from their village around the same time trying to find out more about the planet. This sudden migration led to the creation of the great city Lochfar, the place where the three tribes joined together and learned to live together. The city has only existed for about 100 years now but it grew into a great green metropolis where the three tribes live together. Even though the Hituvians learned to live together, it is still considered weird for them to have a relationship with people from outside their own tribal herritage.