Real Name: Hyde
Age: 26
Notable Aliases: Hyperion
Relatives: Parents
Race: Earthling
Birth Location: Wakayama, Japan
Planet Earth
Affiliation: NinjasK
Alignment: Neutral
First Appearance: ??
"As much as I enjoy witty banter with you, under the moonlight, I have more pressing matters to attend to. It would be quite ungentlemanly of me to arrive tardy on a date with such a lovely woman. Thus, I bid thee farwell."
- Hyperion


History Edit

Personality Edit

Hyde is a laid back kind of guy, with a passion for theatrics and women. He tries to maintain the persona of a proper gentleman, but his powerful inner perversion often gets the best of him. He often abuses his power for mundane purposes, and his own amusement. Examples of this abuse including blowing up women's skirts, carrying himself atop tall buildings simply to observe the city below, blowing simple objects aside which he could have easily moved manually, etc. Despite his selfish use of his powers, he's fully aware of his abusive behavior and narcissistic motivations. Sometimes he enjoys his self indulgence, but often he feels guilty about his behavior.

Likes: Women, Theatrics, Comedy, Music (particularly classical and orchestral works).

Dislikes: Abuse towards Women (including mental, verbal, and physical), Cake.

Despite his perverted tendencies, Hyde passionately hates misogynists, womanizers, and anybody who disrespects women in general.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Hyde posesses the ability to manipulate the air around him at will.

Signature Abilities

Slipstream Movement - Hyde's favorite trick, a subtle technique. Hyde uses his powers to push aside the air ahead of his intended movement, eliminating air resistance when he moves. This gives him an edge in speed, often using this technique to dodge attacks and increase the force of his unarmed blows.

Gust Acceleration - A basic trick. Hyde manipulates the air around him to push himself in a particular direction. He can use this in conjunction with Slipstream Movement to move in a direction very suddenly. With enough concentration, he can lift himself into the air and effectively fly, however this requires a lot of focus, and isn't a reliable tactic when he's under pressure. Additionally he can lift others into the air with the same method.

Relationships Edit