Real Name: Feng Souchong
Age: Mid 30s
Notable Aliases:
Race: Earthling
Birth Location: Hong Kong
Alignment: Evil
First Appearance: ??

"Evolution is a wonderful yet brutal system. Some mutations thrive in their environments and become the successor to the current generation. Most do not and are doomed to extinction." - Kyu -


Kyu was born in Hong Kong to his English father who worked as a scientist and his Chinese mother who worked for Hong Kong Police. His father was never around when he was young so he was soley raised in hong kong by his mother who he looked up to and respected greatly. Thanks to the money his father sent home he was able to attend good school and never wanted for anything. He grew up to be incredibly intelligent and his mother taught him chinese martial arts which he excelled at from an early age. 

When he was a young adult his mother was murdered on the job. The official reports pinned it on her being part of a raid on a triad deal and the operation going south very fast. After a little investigation of his own he discovered that a meta human had killed her. Not only that but the criminal hadn't been aprehended yet. From there Kyu began a crusade to find the man and bring him to justice. His initial efforts drew a blank and he sank into despair. 

Some years later he was informed that his father had mysteriously disappeared and was presumed dead. As part of a will left by his father Kyu inherited his company and science project. He learned about project Darkheart, his father and grandfather were trying to create the perfect meta-human using gene therapy in subjects who showed the appropriate qualities. Their research was in depth and extensive on everything to do with meta human biology. Kyu took over the project and continued his predecessors' work. Along with his own side project.

History Edit

Personality Edit

Kyu is a methodical and calculating man. Everything is planned in advance and he is always thinking ahead. He is a calm and patient person never revealing his true motives or feelings.