Real Name:
Notable Aliases: Romei, Ginger
Birth Location:
Affiliation: NinjasK
Alignment: Good
First Appearance:  ??
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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Magma ManipulationEdit

Due to Romei fusing with the powers of a dormant volcano he is able to fuse the elements of Fire and Earth to form a potentially limitless supply of magma. Romei demonstrates a remarkable level of control over magma, able to engulf himself in it without causing harm to himself, and launch it through the air.


Due to the events that occured during the 2nd Generation, Romei has gained the power of Abacomancy. This allows him to see the future through small objects, such as sand or dust.

Master Martial artistEdit

Romei trains in his own form of Martial Arts, which employs a combination of Dual Broadsword attacks and Kicks. This allows him to have an incredible reach and strength delivered with each attack, however, due to the weight of his broadswords his attacks are often sluggish. To make up for this Romei's legs are incredibly powerful, able to shatter moderately thick walls with a single kick, when not wielding his broadswords.


Weapon: Romei is a master swordsman who trained for many years to achieve a state of nigh perfect swordsmanship. He specialises in combat with two swords, preferably a Dual Broadsword approach.


Luminatta- Romei has a long standing crush on Luminatta Although she has yet to make a comment on this.