Real Name:
Notable Aliases: Tehya
Race: Earthling
Birth Location: America
Planet Earth
Affiliation: NinjasK
Alignment: Good
First Appearance:  ??
You can dance if you wanna... But I don't advise it within this hostile environment. Nor do I advise leaving friends behind. Still, your prerogative.
- Character Name


Born in Mississippi in the United States of America, Tehya never felt that she fit into the US culture. She left her home at an early age and explored as many exotic cultures and ways of life. On her way home after one such journey, she found herself in Egypt, Mississippi and found an amusing pyramid replica. Upon entering it, however she felt a deep mental connection with the real Egypt. Her perceptional field was widened, increasing her self perception, leaving her mind more free to develop and learn without self-defeating processes running within it. This also gave her the ability to generate a form of mental and emotional shielding which she used in creative and unique ways.



Carries an aura of seriousness about her in a lot of things, even though she will do lots of "silly" things without batting an eyelash. So while she may seem to be lacking in a sense of humor sometimes, she can still be fun to be around. She is kind and compassionate, but hides the expression of this in combat behind her shield.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Psionic ShieldEdit

Tehya has the power to call forth a shield that sorrounds approximately 5 feet around her. This shield disrupts any psionic signals transmitted through the air; this can be used to both disrupt any mental manipulation powers around Tehya, as well as stopping and altering the signals within a targets brain.