Vladimir Helios
Notable Aliases: Vlad
Affiliation: Anti Hero Force Four
Alignment: Evil
First Appearance:  ??
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Vladimir has always been a lonely person, he started out making small figurines of the people he always hated, the people who abused him.

At first he learnt how to make Voodoo dolls, later progressing onto making figures to the model's exact size. As his dolls grew so did his power, and he began to clone his enemies in perfect detail.

The Anti Hero Force Four recognized his abilities when he produced a clone of Dougle, even though that clone was destroyed.


Once created a perfect clone of Dougle, only to find that he was able to anticipate his commands and create counteracting movements before he was able to communicate them to the clone. This resulted in Vlad's defeat, and the loss of the clone, at which point he retreated. He later decided to join the Anti Hero Force Four in order to further his collection of clones.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Clone ManipulationEdit

Vladimir can create and control perfect clones of subjects. These clones retain all details of the counterpart's characteristics - Memories, Personality, Fighting Style, Abilities, Everything. These clones do not gain any new memories the counterpart makes, nor are they able to directly perceive them, though they will always know the counterpart's location.