Real Name: Heero Yuy
Age: 23
Notable Aliases: Heero
Relatives: None
Race: Hituvian
Birth Location:

Planet: Hitu

Affiliation: NinjasK
Alignment: Good
First Appearance:
Stop being such a whiny bitch ginger.
- WingZero


Wing comes from a far planet known as Hitu. At the age of 6 his planet was struck by mysterious meteorites which contained a material known to the Hituvians as "Dark Matter"; the government of Hitu gathered the greatest scientists that their planet could offer in order to investigate the nature and origin of the strange matter.

After several years of investigation it was found that the matter contained the powers of the elements. The government was intrigued by this find and started fully financed research to discover applications of this matter. It was soon found that the matter could be infused, or forged into the metal of swords or other objects. Special gauntlets were soon made and Wing is the wielder of one of these gauntlets.

The gauntlet that he wears upon his right hand grants him the power to both manipulate and generate ice. He also carries a sword of ice.



As his childhood wasn't all that great he learned to fight and stand up for himself, this gives him a very confident look which makes people think twice about messing with him.

At the same time he will not stand for stronger people forcing their will onto those that can not stand up for themselves.

He doesn't mind being alone but surrounded by others with common goals is still his preference as it makes him feel stronger in numbers.

Determination and will of mind are some of his stronger personality traits, once he finds somebody stronger he will do whatever it takes to take him down, be it a friend or a foe.

He also likes a good laugh and jokes around a lot with others after he gets to know them.

Sometimes he will go too far but doesn't seem to care too much about it believing it's still funny.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Ice ManipulationEdit

WingZero has the power to shape ice out of nothing, the air will grow cold when desired, water will freeze or frost with a single touch. It is a very hard power to controll and took years to learn to understand it, even now he still learns new ways to use this skill left to him by his planet's scientists.


Because WingZero was given a sword that seems to resemble earth's katana infused with the dark matter harvested from the meteorite he has trained hard to use it well, once he believed he mastered it he bought more swords on earth to learn how to use more. "Overkill is underrated." - WingZero