Species Classification: Pure Thought
Species Age: >34Million Years Old
Species Appearance: No assumed appearance
Average Alignment: Neutral
Home Planet: Xia
Occupied Territory: Xia
New Xia


The Xians are a highly advanced species, having assumed no true form. They are in fact pure energy, to assume a humanoid appearance they require a humanoid host.
Due to the Xians being pure energy, they move almost undetectable throughout the worlds they oversee, whereas, to communicate with the native species they will inhabit voluntary hosts to communicate with said natives.

Inter-Species RelationsEdit

The Xians are one of the oldest and most powerful species known to exist within our universe, due to this fact they are seen by many species as Gods, or God like beings. On the planet Earth, the Xians have assumed the forms of the many Earth Gods, helping to influence the growth of humanity as a whole.
Even the Koresul, another of the oldest species, also see the Xians as God like beings.
On Earth, the Xians act as overseers whilst mantaining a neutral disposition on the affairs of humanity. They reside in New Xia, a massive space station that exists close to Earth. Despite the Xians being a neutral species, they do assist in affairs which affect the universe itself.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

The Xians possess a highly advanced intellect, whilst in their native form. This intellect is immeasurable by human standards.
Whilst inhabiting a host, a Xian will receive different abilities, but will also be limited to within a hosts power scale, this means that their full power can never truly be demonstrated.

List of XiansEdit